Easton Animal Hospital

We Continue to Provide for Your Pet's Health During This Time

As veterinary industry experts, Easton Animal Hospital is always vigilant about communicable diseases that impact our patients, their owners, and our staff. With the ongoing uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought, we have been taking extra precautions beyond the already-high standards to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

As the situation is rapidly changing, we are regularly monitoring information from the CDC, federal agencies, and state/local agencies to follow all recommended protocols. We are constantly monitoring research and information about COVID-19’s impact on animal health. For the latest update from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) click here. We are using medical grade disinfectants to constantly clean high traffic areas including: door handles, light switches, phones, keyboards, faucets, exam rooms, restrooms, and more.

We have implemented curbside service. This is not only for your safety, but our staff as well. Our staff is taking histories, going over treatment plans, accepting payments, and more- all over the phone! Before your scheduled appointment time, please fill out our curbside registration form. Please call our office when you arrive and one of our staff members will triage your pet before coming out to your car. If you have a dog, we will bring a slip lead and ask your take off any personalized items, such as a leash, collar, or harness. If you have a cat, we will bring a small towel to handle the carrier you have brought. We will bring your animal indoors and the doctor will complete a physical exam. During this time, we ask that you stay in our parking lot. The doctor will give you a call to let you know of the exam finding and a staff member will go over a treatment plan with you. Once all treatments have been completed, medications have been discussed with you, a recheck appointment is scheduled if necessary, and payment has been taken over the phone, we will bring your pet back out to you.

We ask that pet owners who have an appointment with us and are feeling under the weather to please call our office before coming in so we can determine the best plan for taking care of your pet. We now offer telemedicine services to still provide your pet the care they need. This is when your pet is examined from home, and can be performed on any patient that we have seen before and has a current Doctor-Patient-Owner relationship. The free Zoom app (version 5.0) is available to download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Please download this app on a device with audio and video capability before your scheduled appointment time. If you wish to use a desktop computer, you can download the desktop version here. We kindly ask that all clients interested in the service let us know when scheduling their appointments so we can send you an e-mail with further instructions. For appointments that cannot be completed through telemedicine, we ask that a healthy person bring your pet to the hospital to minimize the risk of exposure. We are currently asking all employees to take their temperatures each morning and to stay home if they are sick.

Our online pharmacy is always available to fill your pet's medication, accessible here. Please take advantage of this service during this time for any medication that does not need to be filled quickly. Not only can you save a trip to our office, you can take advantage of coupons and instant rebates offered through the website! Did we mention that shipping is free?

We remain open for business and will continue to work hard providing the level of care you have come to expect from us. Please give us a call at (614) 476-0000 with any questions you may have regarding our new services, your pet's health, or any other concerns.

Resources for Current Information

The American Veterinary Medical Association


The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association